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You love pretty, meaningful details and want to make those around you feel welcomed, loved, and appreciated. I know it can be difficult to express that through common store-bought gifts.
If you're tired of racking your brain for what to give and exhausting trips to the Post Office, you're in the right place
and I'm so glad you're here.

for wedding professionals

Too much time spent in target looking for something to give?

Wishing your clients had lovely watercolor details in their wedding day?

Difficulty finding a gift box that holds your guide?

Making your gift look like the elevated brand you want to build?

Dreaded trips to mail packages?

Forgetting to whom you've sent a gift?

(It doesn't have to be this way)

Have you experienced the following?

pain points that are all too familiar

So nice to meet you!

Hey there!

I'm Alicia

I'm a watercolor artist who started her business creating artisan crafted gift boxes. For years, I listened to my wedding professional friends talk about the need for client gifts that could be purchased one at a time as they onboarded new couples. Like you, they needed gifts that were elegant, professional, and purposeful. Something that really impressed each couple with thoughtfulness. As I grew as a watercolor artist, I decided to not leave this need unmet. My ideal client is who just booked you as a wedding photographer/planner and I create the beautiful details that you hope they include in their wedding day

so let's work together and surprise them with something special!










Predesigned gifts to welcome & thank as you onboard new clients

Client Gift Collection

no guide required

TWD Gift Cards

Gift NOW

Give the gift of watercolor artistry! Your couple will be thrilled to receive something they can use to make their wedding day extra special! They'll get to put it towards any of my custom artwork services - crests, pet portraits, maps, home/venue paintings, or bar/cocktail signs. (Hint. Hint. Wouldn't you love to photograph those details?)

And the best part, a $50 gift card costs only $30! I give $20 towards the total so choose any amount that works for you (starting at fifty).

Printed on a luxe, tri-fold card that explains their options and tucked in a beautiful envelope finished with a wax seal. it feels like the thoughtful gift it really is!

TWD gift cards can be gifted by themselves or added to my other gift box options! Yay! (wedding professionals only)

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(Only costs you $30 for a $50 gift card!)

Gift Card values Starting at $50

Gift Your Guide

Gift NOW

You have spent so much time creating the perfect guide to welcome new clients; don't send it to them in unwelcoming, not-so-professional packaging. Show it off in a luxe magnetic gift box that holds it perfectly! It will be complemented with thoughtful goodies couples will love to receive!

GYG Classic - $50
Your guide nestled in a white magnetic gift box (perfect for your clients to hold wedding stationery & mementos long after their special day) filled with gift shred, a $50 TWD gift card, a handwritten note (see FAQs for details), and finished with double-faced satin ribbon in a color of your choice.

GYG Thoughtful - $64
Same as above, but add two goodies of your choice. (See photos for options.)

GYG Deluxe - $70
Add three goodies!

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And you don't have to go to the Post Office!

thoughtful, professional welcomE gifts

Feel Good Moment

My clients receive grateful messages from their couples though Instagram shares, emails, and thank you notes. No matter how they express it, soak in the feel good moment knowing that you invested in those you were born to serve.

Once your invoice is paid, your gift is sent out in 2-3 business days. I'll create a Google Sheet with tracking information and send you those details so you know where your order is. It also serves as a wonderful tool to look back on what you gifted each client!

You're Done!

Pay an Invoice in HoneyBook

I'll send you an invoice through HoneyBook. After your first order, you may message future orders in there or through email - whichever you prefer.

Let me know which option you'd like to go with, your clients' names, address, and what you'd like on their handwritten card. If you're sending me guides & your own stationery, we'll arrange that, too.

Email Your Order


If you have questions about my client gifting services, schedule a 15 minute complimentary consultation call here. Ready to learn more now? Simply move on to step two! 






Each gift is crafted with care and elegant details sure to please your sweet clients!


client gift

learn more about my

Once your invoice has been paid through HoneyBook and I have any items needed from you (guides, cards, etc.), gifts go out in 2-3 business days. If something is out of stock, I will let you choose between a possible replacement or waiting a few more days until what is needed is back in stock.

What is your turnaround time?
How do I order?

For your first gift, you'll email me with the recipient's names, address, which gift you'd like to give, and what you'd like the card to say. Once I have a project setup for you in HoneyBook, you can either message me there or through email for future orders. Whichever you prefer. All invoices go though HoneyBook.

My email address is alicia@thewelcomingdistrict.com.

How do I get my guides to you?

You can either ship or drop them off to me (if you're local to the DMV). We'll set something up that works for both of us. I also accept up to six extra guides from each of my sweet gifting clients so they're ready to go for future gifts.

How much is shipping?

Please note that these are estimates for my heaviest gifting options using USPS Priority Mail and could be a little less depending upon weight and exact shipping location. (I don't build shipping costs into gift boxes because I don't want you to overpay.)
Watercolor gift cards ship free to anywhere in the U.S.

Since I am located in Alexandria, VA, most gifts cost around $9-$12 to ship as long as they're mailed to locations along the East Coast. Plan on around $15 per gift for the Central and Mountain time zones and $20-$28 per gift for the West Coast. I do not ship internationally at this time.

How long are the gift cards good for?

Gift cards are good for one year from the date of purchase so no matter how long their engagement or if they want something painted after their wedding date, they have plenty of time to use it.

Do you write the handwritten cards or do I?

I offer to handwrite your message of up to 35 words on Welcoming District stationery. You can keep a message on file with me to use for each of your clients or you can send me a new message with each order.

If you'd like to use your own branded stationery to complement your guide, messages are written by you and extra cards can be stored with your guides.

How do I track my gifts?

This is one of my favorite features for gifting with The Welcoming District! Once you start sending client gifts, I create a Google Sheet just for you. There you can keep track of each client, what you sent them, when the gift shipped, and the tracking numbers. When you gift as you onboard, it's a great tool to see when you typically book new clients and how many you gain each year!

"Working with Alicia and has done wonders to elevate my brand and client experience! I wanted my couples to feel cared for, special, valued, and appreciated and I knew I didn't have the skills to do that on my own. Alicia put together the perfect welcome package that made it super easy for me to order, while still creating a warm, beautiful, branded, and unique gift for my couples. She worked with me to choose the perfect items that represent my brand and that aligned with what I wanted to give my couples. It was important for me that the gifts were things my couples could really use, and the custom crest gift certificate really takes that to the next level. Not only are they getting the opportunity to create something unique for their wedding day, but it's also something they can take with them to use forever to celebrate their marriage and family. A truly priceless gift!"

Rachel E.H. Photography

Rachel gifts from the "Gift Your Guide"collection and opts to write her own thank you notes so they're on her own stationery. As one of my first photographers to gift a watercolor gift card, she has had lots of pretty details to photograph including watercolor crest gift tags and welcome notes!

Rachel E.H. Photography

"I love working with Alicia for my client gifts! She gets to know her customers well so she can input their brand into the gifts. The gifts are so thoughtful and my clients go crazy over them. Using Alicia for my gifting service has really increased my value for my clients. It gets them excited to work with me. 
Alicia is well organized and very quick to send out the gifts. I don't have to wonder if the gifts are ever sent on time because she uses an updated list to share tracking information with me. 
Alicia has such an amazing talent with her watercolors! They are absolutely stunning and my clients LOVE receiving those in their gifts." 

JennIFER BOSAK Photography

Jenny allows me to gift her clients seasonal items that I have in stock known as "Designer's Choice." These gifts often include a watercolor tea towel, candle, and a gift card for my custom watercolor services. She doesn't send a guide or other branded materials at this time, but her clients always know who it's from and show their appreciation on Instagram!

JennIFER BOSAK Photography

"Having Alicia take care of my wedding gifting has been such a great business decision. She carefully crafts each gift with my branded materials, adding an extra touch to each package. Gifts are sent in a timely fashion, allowing me to simply enjoy the excitement as my clients enjoy their gifts. By working with The Welcoming District, I've been given one big gift: time!"

Ana Isabel Photography

Ana gifts her guide with my luxe white magnetic gift box option. Since it's filled with lovely watercolor goodies, I put her guide and branded card on top. It's the first thing her clients see when unboxing these gracious welcoming details.

Ana Isabel Photography

I LOVE them!!! One client got hers and said she loved it too! Thank you so much!

Brittany Drosos Photography

Brittany gifts her guide and tops it off with her own gift tags. Everything looks so nice together! Her brand is on the top of each gift to welcome clients and then they open it to find gift goodies from The Welcoming District!

Brittany Drosos Photography

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If you have questions about client gifting services, please grab a cup of tea, your favorite sweet treat, and schedule a time to chat, friend!


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