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Custom Watercolor Wedding Crest for Naina and Josh

A custom watercolor wedding crest for a Washington, D.C. couple painted by Alicia Betz of The Welcoming District.

Meet the Sweet Couple

Hello, friends! Allow me to introduce you to two special people – Naina and Josh, a fun-loving, adventurous couple from Maryland and Washington, D.C.  I had the pleasure of painting a watercolor wedding crest for them to represent their wedding celebration and who they are as a couple. I absolutely love the way it turned out and they were such wonderful people to serve! Below, Naina explains why they chose all the crest details, how they planned to use their crest, and what it was like to work with me! 🙂

Naina and Josh

Aren’t Josh and Naina the cutest?! Photo taken by my friend, Rachel Hegarty of Rachel E.H. Photography.

What do you love most about your crest?

It’s so beautiful! We love that our crest incorporates various aspects of our personalities and our histories, such as the scales of justice (I am a lawyer) and the staff of Caduceus (Josh is a doctor) (and we’ve both always aspired to have these careers), the Maryland and DC flags (where we both are from), the giraffe and elephant (our favorite animals and those that have meaningful symbolism to us both), and our wedding flowers.


How do you plan on using your crest on your wedding day/years to come?

We’re incorporating our crest into our welcome sign, our welcome baskets, and cookies to be served as part of our dessert spread. We hope to use our crest for many years to come to symbolize our family. When we have kids, it’s something we plan to share with them.


What did you enjoy about working with Alicia (The Welcoming District)?

Alicia is so easy to work with and once we explained our vision for our crest, she made it come to life. Alicia is so responsive and on top of things–we always knew where our project’s progress stood and expectations were clear.  And her work is so beautiful! Our families love the crest, as do we! 

Thank you so much to Naina and Josh! It was truly an honor to paint this for them and I love the ways they have and will use this for years to come! Are you interested in a custom watercolor crest of your own? Email me, Alicia, at or contact me here to get started. 🙂

A custom watercolor wedding crest for a Washington, D.C. couple painted by Alicia Betz of The Welcoming District.

Naina and Josh’s crest looked so beautiful on the tote bag I gifted them!

Watercolor wedding crest thank you notes by The Welcoming District

How sweet are these watercolor wedding crest thank you notes?!

Welcome notes with the weekend itinerary and gift tags were made with their custom watercolor wedding crest!

The couple made their own welcome notes with weekend itinerary and gift tags using their custom watercolor wedding crest! Captured by Rachel E.H. Photography.

A custom watercolor wedding crest for a Washington, D.C. couple painted by Alicia Betz of The Welcoming District.

Their crest was (almost) too pretty to eat! My friend Tiffany of Sugar Studio created these beautiful cookies that you’ll see in an upcoming welcoming video for my site! Pic by Cait Kramer Photography.

Naina's tropical floral bouquet will forever be cherished through the details on their crest!

On the left, you can see the floral details I painted to match the vision Naina gave to her florist. And on the left is her stunning bouquet designed by Stems and Sweets and captured by Rachel E.H. Photography.


Hand-painted watercolor wedding crest by Alicia Betz of The Welcoming District featuring tropical flowers, a giraffe, and elephant for Hindu and Catholic ceremonies!


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