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If you are a member of Rising Tide Society, there’s a good chance you use the Creative Community. But if you are new to the group/holding out on joining, let me share with you why I love using it!

Before I begin, I must say that what I am sharing this with you is from a Tuesdays Together leader point-of-view. This is not a sponsored post and am simply writing to educate other creatives about this amazing tool! I received a lot of pushback when I announced to my DC/Alexandria chapter that we would be using the Creative Community for ISO (In Search Of) posts. At the time, they just didn’t know how easy this could make searching and connecting.

What is the Creative Community

The Creative Community is an online space where creative business owners who are members of Rising Tide can connect with one another. There is a free app to help you search for people and business essentials such as event spaces, second shooters, gigs, local cake bakers, cake bakers in a certain city, local photographers, photographers within a 100 mile radius, photographers on the opposite side of the country where you hope to hold a styled shoot…..the list goes on and on! Creative collaborations have never been so easy!

You can connect with THOUSANDS of creatives using the HoneyBook app!

This means no more posting in a Tuesdays Together Facebook group (or ten) hoping that the right person will see it and respond. And if you’re searching for gigs, you can select what kind of jobs you want to be notified about. No more notifications that don’t apply to you!! Ah-mazing! Allowing this app to inform you about opportunities through email and push notifications means you don’t miss anything! Feel like you just won a prize behind door number one? Me, too! But there are more reasons why this tool is so important!

Why do we need the Creative Community

I know it’s crazy to think about, but our community of over 75,000 people is in a Facebook group. What if Mr. Zuckerberg decides to pull the plug on his social media creation? If that happened and there was no Creative Community, nearly everything Rising Tide has built would be disconnected. You know how you always hear of the importance of building your own email list in case a social media platform went away? The same applies here. The Creative Community was built by HoneyBook/Rising Tide, so it can’t be taken away from us.

Find it in the App Store by searching “HoneyBook”.

How do I sign up?

  1. If you aren’t a member of Rising Tide/don’t use HoneyBook as your CRM, sign up here.
  2. Join the Rising Tide Society Facebook group, as well as your local Tuesdays Together chapter. I lead DC/Alexandria, but there are over 450 groups around the world!
  3. Download the HoneyBook app and create your profile for free! If you are using a desktop computer, the Creative Community is under “tools” and then “opportunities.”
  4. Start searching for creative collaborations! You will find/can post both paid and unpaid opportunities.

Once you signup (it’s free!), you can create your own profile so that other creatives can learn more about you!

Do I need to use HoneyBook for business to use their Creative Community?

No, ma’am/sir! While I love using HoneyBook for my CRM (Client Relationship Management) program, they offer the Creative Community for free to members of Rising Tide! Woot! Woot! It makes ISOs so much easier and push notifications give me the heads up on new opportunities! If you ARE looking for a CRM and would like to give HoneyBook a try, use this link to receive 50% off!

Are you a creative entrepreneur looking to connect with others in the spirit of “community over competition,” I highly encourage you to become an active member of Rising Tide by joining a local chapter and attending meetings once a month. It has helped me learn so much about owning a business and given me a positive community in which to grow. And if you are already a member of this group, we would love to connect with you in the Creative Community by HoneyBook!! Download the app today!

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