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Client Gifts – Steadfast Bookkeeping

Do you excel at crunching numbers, staying organized, and keeping up with the books? As creatives, sometimes that part is a little daunting….okay, maybe very daunting, but for Stephanie Thacker and her team at Steadfast Bookkeeping, it’s what they do. Today we’re featuring our number loving friend and her client gifts as part of our “Growing Through Gifting” series. We love Stephanie’s strong brand, heart for helping others, and amazing organizational skills. If you don’t have the time or aren’t sure of how to do the task of bookkeeping accurately, maybe it’s time to pass those books to this girl. Now we’ll let Stephanie tell you more about her nautical, bookkeeping brand.


Steadfast Bookkeeping Co is a full service bookkeeping firm offering bookkeeping support and education to Creative Small Businesses. We exist to empower business owners to run the business of their dreams while feeling confident that their financial books are in order. I founded Steadfast in 2011 after working in different finance positions in the Corporate world. I had such a passion to help small business owners and knew there was a need for bookkeeping which is what I’m most passionate about. We love working with clients who have been in business for 3+ years and are ready to take control of their finances and let an expert handle the books.


The Steadfast Bookkeeping Website

I saw Alicia’s work on Instagram and immediately fell in love. I wanted to gift my new clients with a gift that was on brand for Steadfast but also practical. When I reached out to Alicia she came back with some fabulous ideas and I loved every bit of it. The fact that our gift comes with practical things like a notebook and pen but also fun things like coasters and salt water taffy is what I love most. Plus, it’s all in our brand colors and full of anchors, of course!

Steadfast Bookkeeping’s welcome gift. Are these gifts on brand or what?!

The response since sending these gifts has been amazing! Our clients are always raving about the “happy mail” they received. Most of them even complement the gift down to the packaging that was used!

This sweet little present is one of their “mini gifts.”

Who’s ready to pass along the task of bookkeeping to Steadfast? I hear you get cute gifts when coming on board! 🙂

My favorite part about gifting our clients through The Welcoming District is the ease of ordering and the confidence I feel knowing each gift is going to be amazing. All we have to do is email Alicia with the client details and before we know it, she is shipping off yet another awesome gift. I never have to worry if the client is going to receive it in a timely manner or if the quality of the gift will be acceptable – it’s perfect every time!

Thank you, Stephanie! We love working with you and watching your brand grow! You are an inspiration to us all. To learn more about their services and what package is right for you, visit


Pretty headshot of Stephanie taken by Laura Anne Watson.

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