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There are only so many working hours in each day. And if you’re wanting to make more money, but don’t have anymore time to spare/want to free up your calendar for what you love most, then you will need to figure out a way to make passive income. This month we met at The Congressional […]

  Tuesdays Together DC/Alexandria took advantage of the long summer days and had an evening Quarter 2 Flat-lay party in Fort Ward Park! We ended up using the amphitheater there and it worked perfectly! There was plenty of room, parking, and we weren’t in anyone’s way.   The steps at the amphitheater worked well to […]

As small business owners, we are aware of the importance of having a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking. But how, on top of all the other things we need to do, can we implement changes that will give us the results we want to see? Enter Adam Mason of Mason Photography. I’m not really […]

Welcome to Tuesdays Together DC/Alexandria! This month we had the privilege to meet at Kendra Scott Georgetown to learn more about “Pricing & Negotiation.” We discussed important topics like how to understand the cost of doing business, knowing how to price our goods/services for profit, when to raise them, listing prices on our websites, mistakes […]

In case you didn’t know, I used to teach 4th grade. That’s right. I spent 180 days a year hanging out with 9-10 year olds and teaching them all about things like fractions, long division, reading comprehension strategies, the scientific method, and Virginia history (my favorite). But when I decided to leave that career for […]

In the heat of tax season, when many entrepreneurs may be uncovering the difficult realities of small business tax laws, Tuesdays Together DC/Alexandria found an angel. His name….. is Tom Barnhill. This entire meeting could really be summed up like this – Tom knows everything we don’t. The end. Kidding. Well, not about Tom’s knowledge. […]

Well hello there, Valentine! This month we celebrated friendships the way we did back in elementary school with Sugar Shack donuts, chocolate coins, and lemonade. Sugar rush – yes. Regrets – none! ­čÖé Thank you to Meghan Evans for bringing the donuts! They were beautiful and delicious. And I stirred that lemonade for a long […]

Hello, friends! We just had our first flat-lay party!! It was SO much fun that we’re hoping to call these “Quarterly Flat-lay Parties.” We met in the Crow’s Nest at Blackwall Hitch in Alexandria┬á┬ámid-day on Tuesday, January 30th. Their space has lots of room for a group of this size and TONS of natural light […]


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