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Hi, friends! I thought I’d share about my experience trademarking my business name so if you’re considering doing the same, you know what to expect. I hope you find this information helpful. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. This is simply what I learned about throughout my research and personal experience. Enjoy! Why did I […]

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If you are a member of Rising Tide Society, there’s a good chance you use the Creative Community. But if you are new to the group/holding out on joining, let me share with you why I love using it! Before I begin, I must say that what I am sharing this with you is from […]

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Hello thoughtful, friend! You are such a sweetheart for wanting to gift your clients something special! You appreciate them for choosing you and want to foster a positive relationship right from the start. You decide to build your brand through sending client gifts. But what is that something special? How do you celebrate them with […]

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When I started The Welcoming District in 2015, I never had a launch party. My ideal client was someone in a corporate office sending their clients to a DC hotel who wanted to welcome them with locally curated gifts. Were they supposed to be at a launch party? Should it include the local vendors I […]

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