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I hope you enjoy these THOUGHT FILLED INSPIRATIONS for welcoming & gifting

Hi, friends! As I shared in my last post, I am compiling some of my favorite wedding welcome gifts that I didn’t get to share while my website was under construction. If you missed the first post, before to check them out here!

Before my days of designing the perfect gift, my time was spent planning perfect lessons and implementing them in a way that actively engaged students in learning through methods of best practice. That’s right, I was a teacher! A fourth grade teacher in Virginia to be exact! So when I found out that February’s Rising […]

Hi, friends! During the past few years, I’ve made some major changes in my business. One was my website! And while I was always designing gifts for clients and couples, I didn’t have a place to share them when my website was under construction. They’re too pretty and thoughtful not to share, so here’s a […]

Happy 2019, Tiders! To start off the new year, Tuesdays Together groups met to learn about “Business Planning.” Here in the nation’s capital, we are so lucky to have someone like Sarah of Love & Spreadsheets as a member of TTDC! Sarah didn’t just chat about a generalized business plan, this girl taught us about […]

Y’all! I’m not sure if I have ever been SO excited to share a creative project with the world! For the past year, I have been pretty silent on social media as I focused my time learning how to take my watercolor designs and make them into lovely wedding welcome gifts! While the entire collection […]

If you are a member of Rising Tide Society, there’s a good chance you use the Creative Community. But if you are new to the group/holding out on joining, let me share with you why I love using it! Before I begin, I must say that what I am sharing this with you is from […]

Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry! And that’s just what our friends at Elle Nicole Events were hoping to gift their wedding industry friends this holiday season! We started with elegant, glass mugs and filled them with all the essentials to make an adult hot chocolate. Chocolate covered peppermint sticks and candy […]

Hello thoughtful, friend! You are such a sweetheart for wanting to gift your clients something special! You appreciate them for choosing you and want to foster a positive relationship right from the start. You decide to build your brand through sending client gifts. But what is that something special? How do you celebrate them with […]

Welcome to Washington, D.C.! That’s what my wonderful couple, David and Misty, wanted to represent with their wedding welcome gifts! And as I recently started offering custom watercolor map designs, in walked bride, Misty, who wanted to add this beautiful element to her special day! It was truly the perfect timing and I was so […]

There are only so many working hours in each day. And if you’re wanting to make more money, but don’t have anymore time to spare/want to free up your calendar for what you love most, then you will need to figure out a way to make passive income. This month we met at The Congressional […]


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