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SEO + Web Presence – Tuesdays Together DC/Alexandria


Members of Tuesdays Together DC met at Artisan 2 in Alexandria to learn about SEO from Myrna Daramy.

SEO + Web Presence

Tuesdays Together DC/Alexandria had the wonderful opportunity to learn from Myrna Daramy, Tech Advisor and SEO expert! Myrna did an amazing job explaining how search engines work, what changes we can make to improve our search ranking, and why we should do it. I was equally impressed with the knowledge each of our members brought to the meeting. A few years ago, this would’ve been a quiet audience who simply absorbed new knowledge. However in this month’s meeting, everyone had prepared questions, knew the lingo, and had examples of ways they’ve been working to improve their SEO already. Even Myrna was impressed! Way to go TTDC!

Looking for ways to improve your search ranking? Below are a few tips on how you can improve your SEO.

Use Keywords

What are they? Keywords are words or phrases we use to search for things. You see them pop up when you look up something in Google, Pinterest, etc. What do you want to be known for? How would your ideal client find you? If they don’t know you yet, they definitely won’t know your name. Are you a photographer? Do you specialize in weddings, family portraits, or newborns? In what area do you live? Figure out those details and then type those keywords and phrases throughout your site. (Just make sure they still sound natural and not robotic.)


Blogging is a great way to add those keywords to your site. Each page is only going to have a certain amount of text, so blogging can help enrich your page with SEO friendly content. It shows new visitors that you are an expert and currently in business. And it’s a great tool to gain traffic through Pinterest! I also love when business owners provide helpful information to me in the form of a blog post. It’s something I can save and send to others. All of those clicks are going to help your web presence and SEO!

Saving Images

Using professionals images across your site is a step in the right direction, but if your goal is to gain new clients by expanding your web presence, you’ll need to make sure they are saved so they can be found. For example, let’s say you spend hours writing the perfect blog post on the last engagement session you photographed. You used keywords in your title and the body of the text and consistently blog about “DC engagement photography.” You’re on the right track, but you may be missing an important piece of the puzzle. If you uploaded your photos and they’re saved as “IMG011” or “John-Smith-Photography-001” or even “Catherine+William+Engagement+Session,” your images won’t stand out in an image search nor will they help your ranking.

Your images should be saved the way your ideal client would search for you. Think about it. They don’t know you yet and they definitely aren’t searching for other couples by name. Save your images like “Washington-DC-engagement-photography-Jefferson-Memorial.” Then you can add a number at the end if needed. Myrna also suggested adding your business to the end. It helps with SEO and if your ideal client saves the photo, your business name will be seen and possibly saved.



Members of Tuesdays Together DC met at Artisan 2 in Alexandria to learn about SEO from Myrna Daramy.

Joining Rising Tide Society

I touched on some SEO basics here, but SO much more was explained by Myrna at our meeting. If you are a creative business owner who would like to build relationships in the spirit of community over competition, I highly encourage and welcome you to our meetings! You will not only learn something new, you’ll learn that you are not alone in this journey. Want to find your local chapter? Click here or more information on Rising Tide Society and here to join Tuesdays Together DC.

A very special thank you to Myrna for sharing all her knowledge on SEO, Artisan 2 for hosting us, and to all of our members who attended! See you next month!


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